Point Blank Revolution Phillipine Hack 4 5 6 November 2016 Rank Hack Wallhack Fast Reload No Recoil Speed Hack other

Point Blank Country
  • Banned ID Do With Your Own Risk &  for his tips can see below
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Tips and Tricks to avoid AUTO BANNED:Note: These tips tricks da only to prevent Auto Tires not Fairplay / Report Forum
  • After completion Rename / rename its injector with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols: Example: "Gemb3lC1tPeHa@.exe"
  • Main And Open Cheat As Usual (Unnecessary Main) Jump Up Server Only Logout
  • If 2x Login Use Cheat No Posts Ban = AUTO CHEAT SAFE And Could Be In Use
  • If they try to check your pc banned there are programs like Cheat Engine or not / never use another cheat delete and uninstall programs
  • Important then clean RESTART PC using CCleaner and try again

List Fiture:
    shows the body of the enemy or team
No Smoke
    eliminating the effects of smoke bombs
Adding cross the middle

ESP Health
    Wallhack by showing the blood of the enemy or team
ESP Name
    Wallhack by showing name or team
Fast Reload

    Movement reloaded quickly in 1 second
No Recoil

    Bullets do not shake when shooting


    Bullet not wobble
Rafid Fire
    Fire Shotgun not delay
Blue Team Plant C4 Bomb Mission
    CT Force bomb plant like red team
Bug Datar / No Clip *hot
    These special interest because we can penetrate walls, fly, go to the ladder
Bug Luxville 
    A special map luxville
Magnet Center *hot
    Player to Center map
Ghost Hide *hot
    Invisible to the enemy like a ghost
Speed Hack *hot
    Running speed and others more quickly
Aim Datar *hot
   Bullet and cross stays in the middle suitable for redrock 
AimBot Lock*hot
   Locking enemy with cross with a hotkey 
AimBot Always *hot
   Always Locking enemy with cross with a hotkey
Rank Hack *new
   Replace Rank Slot (CS)

How to Use INJECTOR:
1. Extract the downloaded file cheat (Extract Here)
2. Open the file with an Gembel Cit.exe (Run as administrator Win 7/8/10)
3. Then click "Update" wait until the loading is completed
4. Start pointblank on Garena + Appears hackshield / Xigncode
5. Press Inject
6. Happy Cheating

How to use Internal Cheat
1. Back up file zlib1.dll Before
2. Extract the downloaded file cheat (Extract Here)
3. Copy and Paste file zlib1.dll to Point Blank Folder
     Example:  GarenaPBPH\GameData\Apps\PBPH
4. Start Game Point Blank
5. if there is a message box "Are you Enable ESP Name & HP?" select yes or not it

Setting Menu Hotkey: 
  • Directions Up and Down Arrow = Select the cheat menu 
  • Directions Right Arrow = ON the Cheat 
  • Directions Left Arrow = OFF the cheat 
  • INSERT = Show / Hide Menu
Download Cheats
Password : gembelcit